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Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. My name is George Kareman and I am a New York/LA based actor, writer and director. Most of the stuff I've made and the stuff I'm in can be found on this website. Thanks for coming to my site, you are a good person! CONTACT: Manager = Molly Mandel and Anne Hong at Mosaic. Agent = Sam Bringardner at CAA.    

Quick Links: WATCH THESE FIRST, Men's Hairstyles (e-book I co-wrote).

Men's Hairstyles

I co-created an e-book called Men's Hairstyles which is a parody of the type of picture book you might find at a barbershop. Click this link to check out my book-site! MENSHAIRSTYLES.CLUB


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  • Splitsider Interview

    February 24, 2013

    "Long Haired Businessmenrecently got AN AWESOME WRITE UP in Splitsider Magazine!            

    The show was featured in Splitsider's "This Week In Web Videos" series and it was super cool to be interviewed about the show.

    Big thanks to Luke Kelly-Clyne and Adam Frucci from Splitsider for featuring the series.