George Kareman

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. My name is George Kareman and I am a New York/LA based actor, writer and director. Most of the stuff I've made and the stuff I'm in can be found on this website. Thanks for coming to my site, you are a good person! CONTACT: Manager = Molly Mandel and Anne Hong at Mosaic. Agent = Sam Bringardner at CAA.    

Quick Links: WATCH THESE FIRST, Men's Hairstyles (e-book I co-wrote).

R.L. Stine Interview

These are the web series I created. I interview "Goosebumps" author RL Stine in the first one, I play a boring businessman with long hair in the second series (Long Haired Businessmen) and I sell lemonade in the third series (Lemonade Stand)